Hand Model

April 26, 2008

I have lovely hands. For as long as I can remember, people would comment on my hands, wrists, ability to grow my strong well shaped nails. I had a boyfriend who once referenced me as “ET Fingers”. 

ET Fingers!

I have always taken tremendous pride in this naturally beautiful part of me. (Ya see… I have always had bigger legs and a fairly average everything else, so this was my thing.)

When I was in college, I finally contacted  “this guy” to see if there was really such a thing as a hand model and find out what it take to become one.  I went to an office and some pictures were taken.  Shortly after that moment, my hand model dreams we shattered forever.

“You are just the wrong color.” he told me. ” Not dark enough to be ethnic and not light enough to be white. You are coming out kind of gray.” I was spinning. And then… another blow! He tells me to hold up both hands and spread my fingers spread apart. “Notice anything?” he asks. I tell him that I didn’t see a thing. He then says in an annoyed tone, “Look at the middle finger of your left hand! Look at it!! (Obviously, he was disgusted by what he saw.) “The finger is turned and it looks like the knuckle and the nail is turned in the direction of your ring finger. That just isn’t acceptable.”

My hand career over..before it ever began.

I can here you saying, “It’s never too late.” Well my friends… Yes. Yes it is too late for these hands. I am selling an old ring of mine on eBay and took some pictures of the ring on my hand- assuming- it would look fabulous. OMG!!! When did my hands get so old.

I regret not getting a second opinion when I was in college.  



I Want Bunny Watson’s Job in “Desk Set”

April 25, 2008

Hepburn fixes the computer with her hairpin. Move over Macgiver

Desk Set (1957) is a great comedy starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. In the film, Hepburn plays the role of Bunny Watson– the lead researcher for a large media company. Bunny and her small team would take calls from the various company departments (PR, Product Development, Design, etc) with a variety of requests/questions from, “Name Santa’s Reindeer” to “What is the total tonnage of the planet Earth?”

In the mix- Spencer comes on the scene as efficiency expert and brings in…  (insert big music here)… A COMPUTER distributing pink slips and bad information to the media company’s staff. (Wow- 1957… not much has changed in 50 years!)


Bunny and her team served as researchers and librarians with fabulous style and charm. They were smart women with resources and confidence.  Everything they research not only support the company- but increases their own knowledge as well (ok, some is trivial, but that is really the best stuff.)Just Fabulous!!

This is a great job! Although I fear that in today’s strange word, a person would need a PhD in Library Sciences just to get the interview. Ugggh.

Why is this a dream job for me?

Although I have never had a research job, I love digging for clues and piecing together the answer. I love the research process and tapping into resources and people to find the answers.

I love packaging the results and applying them to improve X, Y and Z.

Oh, and have some excessive trivia and nonsence in my brain.


Interview Errors (continued)

April 23, 2008

Well, not really continued… more like concluded.

I received a lovely note today from the folks I interviewed with last week.  In part, it read:

“While we were impressed with your background and experience, we have
concluded that another candidate’s qualifications more closely match our
requirements.  We sincerely regret that we cannot offer you employment withour organization at this time.
You have our best wishes for success in future. We appreciate your interest
and the time you have invested in interviewing with XYZ.”

What I read is:

“While we are obligated to send you this note indicating you did not get this job, we have concluded if you can not manage to find our offices when they are only 1 mile away, we will assume you can’t find your way out of a paperbag.

Regardless of your background and experience, we feel, if you are unable to match your earrings, we need to identify another candidate who can dress him/herself.  We sincerely regret you couldn’t get yourself together to meet with us.  Good luck in having any success in the future. Too bad you didn’t spend the same amount of time getting to the interview as you did in researching or company.”


Interview Errors

April 22, 2008

I had another job interview today. This opportunity not only is an unexpected match to my skills and passions, but the office is less than a mile from my house. As a known “directional illiterate” I gave myself 30 minutes to get to arrive to my destination. I got lost. I simply could not find the street address or building. I contacted one of the interviewer via cell phone (the only number I had) and left several messages, but it wasn’t until I received a call from the company’s founder who guided me in, I was MIA.

When we finally met face-to-face, they were as gracious as I was embarrassed, but I enjoyed our discussion and feel there was a connection. At least a strong enough connection to keep myself in the running for the position.

Following the meeting, I crafted a strong and pithy follow-up email clearly expressing my interest in the company.

Ding. End of Round 1

I changed out of my interview costume only to realize that I had been wearing two very different earrings (and not in an arty, fun way).

I can’t help but think my double fault will knock me down (or off) the candidate list.

What do you think about that candidate we saw on Monday? You mean the one who got lost only a mile away and wore the unfashionable mismatched jewelry? I think she is perfect for the position!  Ha-ha-ha.

Did they even notice the earring error? Will there be a round 2?

* British writer seeks mature lady as lover and partner

April 22, 2008

The Craigslist headline was written by a clever writer who is incorporating some endearing factoids in his headline to attract the right kind of woman. Right?


Red Flag?



The post was intriguing enough for me to open.


I’m searching to find an intelligent, mature, wealthy lady who is in the market for an intelligent, highly creative British writer. I’m tall, well built and handsome.
This is not a plea for a handout from some wealthy divorcee, I’ve so far enjoyed a healthy passion for mature women. I’m looking for a financially secure woman, so I can invest my time between writing and making your life wonderful. If you enjoy laughing at the world with an open-mind and you have a passion for life, please contact me.


Red Flag?


Nah. I was amused and wanted to learn more about the man and his success rate.

I responded to the post with an email indicated that I was intrigued and we shared a number of  “normal” exchanges. Really. Friendly, smart and a little flirty, but nothing that would lead to a meeting or me writing a blank check.


Red Flag?


After two days of back and forth emails, I wanted to return to Craigslist and re-read the original post. I couldn’t recall the date of the post so I did a search for a few key words- British + Writer. The post was served along with several similar ones.


Red Flag?


Of course not. There are plenty of people who are or are searching British + Writers. I located “my” man’s post. And just below it I see the following headline: British writer seeks full time mature partner.. – m4m


Red Flag?

Must be a typo, I thought. It’s easy enough to mistype m4m instead of m4w. Right?

I opened the post.

I’m an intelligent Brit, well travelled and stimulating as a conversationalist. A kind of delicate blend of Noel Coward and Ozzy Osbourne.

I write for my passion, pleasure and hopefully one day living, So I’m looking for a mature partner who can understand my commitment to the art as well as to him. I’m a tall handsome guy, dark hair, well hung, uncut, big balls. Very sexual and open-minded. I seek a professional gent, very refined, around the 50 mark, independent, successful. If this is you I’m your ideal partner.


Red Flag?

Okay. Yes.

The person writing these posts used the same sentence structure and headline. He is obviously scamming or a man who honestly was unconcerned about his partners sex and looking to be taken care of.


Seeing the red flag, I decided to continue the communication and inquired, Could there be 2 British writers simultaneously searching for mature partners on Craigslist?

I didn’t hear back from my British Writer.


End of the story? Nope.


While searching for the original post, I noticed this headline: Couple seeking British Male 25-59 – mw4m. Because I had the Brit’s real email address, I forwarded the post to him anonymously.I sincerely hope they are all very happy together.


Craigslist Red Flag?

Nah. I am now considering Craigslist Matchmaking as my new hobby.



Addicted to Craigslist

April 18, 2008

It’s not what you think! Well… maybe it is! 😉 

Craigslist is my quilty pleasure.

It started innocently enough- finding a place to live, searching estate sale listings, researching job opportunities.  These days, however, I find myself spending as much time trolling the Craigslist Personals as I do clicking on the more legit links.

I plan to post some of the more entertaining and head scratching stories here. Right now- these are a few of my favorite Craigslist things:

  • Spelling and Grammar: The pitiful spelling and grammar in many of the posts is fascinating to me. Seriously. People… ever heard of Spell-Check?
  • Rants and Raves: I regularly review this section in multiple cities to check the cultural pulse market-by-market. Comparing the “discussions” of timely issues between cities is quite interesting. In one city the presidential campaign is discussed; in others, baseball.
  • W4M/M4W Matchmaking: Yep. I am currently dabbling in matchmaking on the Casual Encounters areas.
  • Missed Connections:  It warms my heart to see people searching for others. Confession: I look for myself sometimes, because once, I was in there! I was thrilled.
  • Pro Bono Marketing: I have commented and offered messaging and image suggestions for some almost intriguing posts.


More Than Your Average Belly Button- A Year of My Lint

April 15, 2008

About a year ago I moved into my current house and purchased a new clothes washer and dryer. For some reason, each time I cleared the lint from my dryer, rather than throwing it away, I placed the collected lint from each dryer load  into a bag which hangs on the wall.

I noticed today that the bag is full. So I started thinking about what has been in the dryer and what did the lint trap collect.  I can easily see the shedded remnants of my cat and tissues that I tend to leave in my pockets. I see much more, but won’t bore you with the lint remains of my life.

Anyone have uses for lint? eBay sale, set it on fire and heat the house? Knit with Lint?