Addicted to Craigslist

It’s not what you think! Well… maybe it is! 😉 

Craigslist is my quilty pleasure.

It started innocently enough- finding a place to live, searching estate sale listings, researching job opportunities.  These days, however, I find myself spending as much time trolling the Craigslist Personals as I do clicking on the more legit links.

I plan to post some of the more entertaining and head scratching stories here. Right now- these are a few of my favorite Craigslist things:

  • Spelling and Grammar: The pitiful spelling and grammar in many of the posts is fascinating to me. Seriously. People… ever heard of Spell-Check?
  • Rants and Raves: I regularly review this section in multiple cities to check the cultural pulse market-by-market. Comparing the “discussions” of timely issues between cities is quite interesting. In one city the presidential campaign is discussed; in others, baseball.
  • W4M/M4W Matchmaking: Yep. I am currently dabbling in matchmaking on the Casual Encounters areas.
  • Missed Connections:  It warms my heart to see people searching for others. Confession: I look for myself sometimes, because once, I was in there! I was thrilled.
  • Pro Bono Marketing: I have commented and offered messaging and image suggestions for some almost intriguing posts.



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