* British writer seeks mature lady as lover and partner

The Craigslist headline was written by a clever writer who is incorporating some endearing factoids in his headline to attract the right kind of woman. Right?


Red Flag?



The post was intriguing enough for me to open.


I’m searching to find an intelligent, mature, wealthy lady who is in the market for an intelligent, highly creative British writer. I’m tall, well built and handsome.
This is not a plea for a handout from some wealthy divorcee, I’ve so far enjoyed a healthy passion for mature women. I’m looking for a financially secure woman, so I can invest my time between writing and making your life wonderful. If you enjoy laughing at the world with an open-mind and you have a passion for life, please contact me.


Red Flag?


Nah. I was amused and wanted to learn more about the man and his success rate.

I responded to the post with an email indicated that I was intrigued and we shared a number of  “normal” exchanges. Really. Friendly, smart and a little flirty, but nothing that would lead to a meeting or me writing a blank check.


Red Flag?


After two days of back and forth emails, I wanted to return to Craigslist and re-read the original post. I couldn’t recall the date of the post so I did a search for a few key words- British + Writer. The post was served along with several similar ones.


Red Flag?


Of course not. There are plenty of people who are or are searching British + Writers. I located “my” man’s post. And just below it I see the following headline: British writer seeks full time mature partner.. – m4m


Red Flag?

Must be a typo, I thought. It’s easy enough to mistype m4m instead of m4w. Right?

I opened the post.

I’m an intelligent Brit, well travelled and stimulating as a conversationalist. A kind of delicate blend of Noel Coward and Ozzy Osbourne.

I write for my passion, pleasure and hopefully one day living, So I’m looking for a mature partner who can understand my commitment to the art as well as to him. I’m a tall handsome guy, dark hair, well hung, uncut, big balls. Very sexual and open-minded. I seek a professional gent, very refined, around the 50 mark, independent, successful. If this is you I’m your ideal partner.


Red Flag?

Okay. Yes.

The person writing these posts used the same sentence structure and headline. He is obviously scamming or a man who honestly was unconcerned about his partners sex and looking to be taken care of.


Seeing the red flag, I decided to continue the communication and inquired, Could there be 2 British writers simultaneously searching for mature partners on Craigslist?

I didn’t hear back from my British Writer.


End of the story? Nope.


While searching for the original post, I noticed this headline: Couple seeking British Male 25-59 – mw4m. Because I had the Brit’s real email address, I forwarded the post to him anonymously.I sincerely hope they are all very happy together.


Craigslist Red Flag?

Nah. I am now considering Craigslist Matchmaking as my new hobby.




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