Interview Errors (continued)

Well, not really continued… more like concluded.

I received a lovely note today from the folks I interviewed with last week.  In part, it read:

“While we were impressed with your background and experience, we have
concluded that another candidate’s qualifications more closely match our
requirements.  We sincerely regret that we cannot offer you employment withour organization at this time.
You have our best wishes for success in future. We appreciate your interest
and the time you have invested in interviewing with XYZ.”

What I read is:

“While we are obligated to send you this note indicating you did not get this job, we have concluded if you can not manage to find our offices when they are only 1 mile away, we will assume you can’t find your way out of a paperbag.

Regardless of your background and experience, we feel, if you are unable to match your earrings, we need to identify another candidate who can dress him/herself.  We sincerely regret you couldn’t get yourself together to meet with us.  Good luck in having any success in the future. Too bad you didn’t spend the same amount of time getting to the interview as you did in researching or company.”



2 Responses to Interview Errors (continued)

  1. Angelique says:

    I got this one:

    Eric, Christine and Valerie all enjoyed meeting you. They mutually agree
    that you are a problem solver, are multi-dimensional (better than
    “t-shaped”) and focused on end goals. That said, they did not think that
    you were a perfect match for this particular role at this time, as we
    are looking for someone with more specific web experience and more
    technology related content. We are not going to make an offer at this
    time. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news.

    I can’t find any reference to T-shaped or multi-dimensional, and maybe it’s just because I screwed that one up so bad that I think they’re actually calling me crazy in some language I don’t know.

  2. liferants says:

    Where did T Shaped Come From? You are not crazy. I promise. Save these notes for future reference and revenge!

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