Human Behavior Experiment 1.4: Kitten Returns Home to San Francisco 29 Years Later

May 14, 2008


I found the above Kitten Postcard in a lot of stationery at an estate sale in Felton,  California last weekend. Because the photog/owner of the kitten included his San Francisco address, I decided to send the kitten home via the USPS.

For this experiment, I sent a letter and the pre-stamped post card (addresssed to me!) to the address on the card. In the letter, I ask questions about whether the address is a house or store, whether they know the kitten or the photographer, whether the floor the kitten is standing on looks familiar and others. I request that the recipient write any responses on the postcard and mail it back to me.

Why? No real reason. I simply want to know if the letter reaches someone and what if anything they choose to share with me.

If I get results, I will report them here.



More Than Your Average Belly Button- A Year of My Lint

April 15, 2008

About a year ago I moved into my current house and purchased a new clothes washer and dryer. For some reason, each time I cleared the lint from my dryer, rather than throwing it away, I placed the collected lint from each dryer load  into a bag which hangs on the wall.

I noticed today that the bag is full. So I started thinking about what has been in the dryer and what did the lint trap collect.  I can easily see the shedded remnants of my cat and tissues that I tend to leave in my pockets. I see much more, but won’t bore you with the lint remains of my life.

Anyone have uses for lint? eBay sale, set it on fire and heat the house? Knit with Lint?