More Than Your Average Belly Button- A Year of My Lint

April 15, 2008

About a year ago I moved into my current house and purchased a new clothes washer and dryer. For some reason, each time I cleared the lint from my dryer, rather than throwing it away, I placed the collected lint from each dryer load  into a bag which hangs on the wall.

I noticed today that the bag is full. So I started thinking about what has been in the dryer and what did the lint trap collect.  I can easily see the shedded remnants of my cat and tissues that I tend to leave in my pockets. I see much more, but won’t bore you with the lint remains of my life.

Anyone have uses for lint? eBay sale, set it on fire and heat the house? Knit with Lint?


The Joy of Smooth Legs- For Free!

April 15, 2008

 I don’t care about losing all the money. It’s losing all the stuff.  “Marie” (Bernadette Peters) in the film classic, “The Jerk” 1979

As I expand my Life Rants, readers will see that I have an ongoing Love for the Stuff. But making typical transactions is not what brings me this true joy. Over the years, I have a I have learned that a good coupon, being an educated consumer and my understanding of my personal needs and esthetic has brought my purchases and acquisitions to the next level in fulfillment.

I have worked long enough and hard enough in my life do afford most anything I might want to purchase with cash. This luxury, however, is not what accounts for the deep satisfaction  when I use multiple coupons and my ongoing consumer “research” allows me to know when I have gotten the best end of the deal! when I have purchase and  in finding special and unique items and taking advantage of coupons.

There is definitely something in my DNA that permits me to spot and take advantage of consumer offers and deals, but I am forever amazed by the long-lasting satisfaction I get from using these products and services after the transaction is complete.

For example, today I was able guarentee myself smooth shaven legs for the summer- for free! I waited to use a $2 off coupon for my favorite disposible razors (BIC Soleil for Women with Sensitive Skin) so I could combine it with the Long’s Drugs mail in rebate of $2.  My total for this item will be $0 and I will feel pride EVERY TIME I shave my legs. 🙂

As a seasoned marketer and consumer, I can easily predict general selling and purchase cycles for many consumer products. This learned and natural knowledge allows me to strike at the right time.

And when the value  timing connects with my personal needs…. wow whee.