Interview Errors

April 22, 2008

I had another job interview today. This opportunity not only is an unexpected match to my skills and passions, but the office is less than a mile from my house. As a known “directional illiterate” I gave myself 30 minutes to get to arrive to my destination. I got lost. I simply could not find the street address or building. I contacted one of the interviewer via cell phone (the only number I had) and left several messages, but it wasn’t until I received a call from the company’s founder who guided me in, I was MIA.

When we finally met face-to-face, they were as gracious as I was embarrassed, but I enjoyed our discussion and feel there was a connection. At least a strong enough connection to keep myself in the running for the position.

Following the meeting, I crafted a strong and pithy follow-up email clearly expressing my interest in the company.

Ding. End of Round 1

I changed out of my interview costume only to realize that I had been wearing two very different earrings (and not in an arty, fun way).

I can’t help but think my double fault will knock me down (or off) the candidate list.

What do you think about that candidate we saw on Monday? You mean the one who got lost only a mile away and wore the unfashionable mismatched jewelry? I think she is perfect for the position!  Ha-ha-ha.

Did they even notice the earring error? Will there be a round 2?