Hand Model

April 26, 2008

I have lovely hands. For as long as I can remember, people would comment on my hands, wrists, ability to grow my strong well shaped nails. I had a boyfriend who once referenced me as “ET Fingers”. 

ET Fingers!

I have always taken tremendous pride in this naturally beautiful part of me. (Ya see… I have always had bigger legs and a fairly average everything else, so this was my thing.)

When I was in college, I finally contacted  “this guy” to see if there was really such a thing as a hand model and find out what it take to become one.  I went to an office and some pictures were taken.  Shortly after that moment, my hand model dreams we shattered forever.

“You are just the wrong color.” he told me. ” Not dark enough to be ethnic and not light enough to be white. You are coming out kind of gray.” I was spinning. And then… another blow! He tells me to hold up both hands and spread my fingers spread apart. “Notice anything?” he asks. I tell him that I didn’t see a thing. He then says in an annoyed tone, “Look at the middle finger of your left hand! Look at it!! (Obviously, he was disgusted by what he saw.) “The finger is turned and it looks like the knuckle and the nail is turned in the direction of your ring finger. That just isn’t acceptable.”

My hand career over..before it ever began.

I can here you saying, “It’s never too late.” Well my friends… Yes. Yes it is too late for these hands. I am selling an old ring of mine on eBay and took some pictures of the ring on my hand- assuming- it would look fabulous. OMG!!! When did my hands get so old.

I regret not getting a second opinion when I was in college.