Human Behavior Experiment 1.4: Kitten Returns Home to San Francisco 29 Years Later

May 14, 2008


I found the above Kitten Postcard in a lot of stationery at an estate sale in Felton,  California last weekend. Because the photog/owner of the kitten included his San Francisco address, I decided to send the kitten home via the USPS.

For this experiment, I sent a letter and the pre-stamped post card (addresssed to me!) to the address on the card. In the letter, I ask questions about whether the address is a house or store, whether they know the kitten or the photographer, whether the floor the kitten is standing on looks familiar and others. I request that the recipient write any responses on the postcard and mail it back to me.

Why? No real reason. I simply want to know if the letter reaches someone and what if anything they choose to share with me.

If I get results, I will report them here.